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          Applications > Food Industry
          • Dairy

            L-lactic acid is the inherent composition in the dairy products. It is used for acidulate and pH regulator in many dairy products because of its natural taste and good ant microbial action. Calcium lactate, ferrous lactate, magnesium lactate and zinc lactate can be used for strengthening the mineral substance in the milk and fermented milk beverage.

          • Meat and Poultry

            Lactic acid, sodium lactate and potassium lactate is widely used in the processing and storage of meat and poultry products for lengthening the shelf life of products, restrain the growth of animalcule and keep the flavor of meat.

          • Flour products

            In fresh noodle, dumpling surface, wonton surface,because sodium lactate can combine the free water in the products and reduce the water activity, so it can prevent the rich water flowing to surface, keep dry of surface and wouldn’t result in pastiness. In addition, using lactic acid and sodium lactate at the same time will get better effect. It can get excellent bacteriostasis effectively; meanwhile have little affect to the flavor of products. The calcium ion of calcium lactate can react with the protein in flour and form bridging action. It can accelerate the forming of net structure of gluten, strengthen the intensity, and make paste encase more gas during firing. It can also increase the volume of products, is a kind of splendid puff agent. Adding calcium lactate would make products cirrhosis, so it is not good for some mild taste products. But for some hard products, it is very suitable. Right now, calcium lactate is used in biscuit by a lot of famous companies.

          • Confectionery

            Buffered lactic acid is a kind of buffered system that made of lactic acid and sodium lactate. It has mild sourness and the more important is adding buffered lactic acid in candy can reduce the sugar transformation and extend the shelf life. Lactic acid powder can make the appearance of soft sweet better, greatly reduce the occur of surface wet.
            Sodium lactate has the effect of reducing sugar transformation and protecting gel.
            calcium lactate can be used in chewing gum, with the function of stabilizing gul and regulating pH. Meanwhile calcium ion can prevent running down of mineral substance and also take the effect of protecting tooth.

          • Nutritional Food

            Calcium lactate can prevent the symptoms such as child rickets, adult’s osteoporosis, which caused by calcium deficiency. The iron is the composition of hemoglobin, enzyme in the human body, and participates in many activities in the organism. Ferrous lactate is a kind of high-quality iron strengthens, it can treat the anemia, improve the resistance to the disease of the human body .The magnesium mainly exists in the skeleton and tooth in the organism, it still is the activator of a lot of enzyme. Magnesium lactate is a kind of high-quality magnesium strengthens. The zinc is the essential elements of normal development of the skin and skeleton, and also is very important to the growth of the fetus. Zinc lactate can be used for preventing such symptoms as child's development from being slow and intelligence fails.

          • Beverages

            The flavor of lactic acid is temperate and moderate, so it can be used as acidulant of soft drink and fruit juice. The lactic acid can also regulate pH value of grape wine and apple juice, so that the product quality remains stable. It still exists naturally in beer, and can be used as pH regulator of beer.

          • Pickled vegetables

            Lactic acid can regulate pH levels, control the ferment and suppress the growth of etiology microorganism. So it is effective in preventing the spoilage of turnip, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, onion and other vegetables preserved in brine. The stability of the brine is ensured and the taste is improved.

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